Alexandre Pato Caught Naked?

The news reached the most popular Brazilian humor blog. It seems Mr. Alexandre Pato has been showing his little toy around (no double meaning here). Supposedly, Pato was the target of a fake groupie under name of “The Blond of The Internet” (Doesn’t sound suspicious to begin with, right?). He was persuaded into showing on the webcam those parts that do not see the sun very often. For his nightmare, the fan supposedly posted pictures of that on her blog. No, I have NOT been there.

It seems those Bible lessons haven’t picked on, Kaka.


  1. [...] Seems there is an (unsubstantiated?) story floating around the Brazilian internets about a certain young Europe-based Brazilian superstar getting a little too up close and personal with a webcam. (The link I’m giving you is SFW. The link’s links may not be.) (See the Cup) [...]

  2. Great post! I bet you put a lot of research into it.