Ronaldo (the first one) gets gift from Nike.

RonaldoRonaldo (the Brazilian phenomenon, NOT the cocky Portuguese one), just got a nice little gift from Nike. The AC Milan forward has been given a new commemorative boot, to celebrate his 10 years of being one of the best forwards ever seen on a pitch. Seriously, in the height of his career, there was no one out there better than Ronaldo. Give him the ball and see the nets shake, that was. Good times… But although his game is not as strong as it used to, I believe Ronaldo deserves a lot of recognition for his amazing contribution to Brazilian and World football.

I still remember 1994 World Cup, when he was just a promise sitting on Seleção’s bench. 1998 brought his rise and fall when Brazil lost to France (you damn Zidane, Henry and friends who keep beating Brazil every time they play France). But nothing was better than seeing him shine again in 2002 and score 2 goals on Germany (with a bad haircut), to give us, Brazilians, the 5th World Title (I will not mention World Cup 2006 in Germany!). Brazilians need football in order to forget the shitty economy and politicians in our country, and Ronaldo gave us just that so many times!

Not only that, but Ronaldo became a strong name for footballers. No wonder after him and Ronaldinho, a certain Cristiano decided to be called by his middle name, Ronaldo.

Now back to the original Ronaldo, I have to say I have never seen someone have such terrible injuries and come back in such style. And now, after 10 years and many, many goals, Ronaldo (the first one) is still a constant name in the football arena.

He has been indeed a phenomenon. The top Wold Cup scorer has been one of the finest footballers ever. I say this to a lot of people: Watch Ronaldo overcome another injury and come back as a machine. If he is motivated, there is nothing on earth (even his new afro) that will get on the way.


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