Ronaldo to retire in 2011

Ronaldo, the orginal one, announced today he will retire on December 31st 2011. One of the best players to ever play the game of football, Ronaldo will definitely be missed by everyone. The forward just renewed his contract with Brazil’s Corinthians for another year and the plan after that is to become an international ambassador for Timão (as a Corinthians fan, I say that with great pride!).

Ronaldo has beaten the odds several times. The two severe knee injuries made everyone wonder if he could ever come back to football. He came back, in great style. His fat period got everyone talking about how he would not be coming anywhere near a football pitch ever again. Yet, he comes to Corinthians and starts scoring beautiful goals like there’s no tomorrow.

The guy is 33 now. And helping Corinthians get its first ever Libertadores title. He also hopes to have a chance to play his 5th World Cup in June in South Africa. Hard to happen, and he knows it. But no one will ever forget how amazing Ronaldo was and the huge part he will always have in football history.

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