Brasileiro: Palmeiras and Sao Paulo Share the Top

Palmeiras 2 - 2 Corinthians

The 33rd round of Brasileirao put on the top Palmeiras and Sao Paulo, creator (Muricy Ramalho) versus creation (Sao Paulo). Palmeiras leads because of the goal difference, three more than Sao Paulo.

On the weekend, Palmeiras played the derby against Corinthians whereas Sao Paulo played Barueri. In both games, Corinthians and Barueri could’ve done something to mess up the campaigns of the leaders. Corinthians played better, Ronaldo scored twice and goalie Marcos was ejected in the first-half. But Palmeiras played like a team conducted by Muricy Ramalho. In two set-pieces in the second-half, defenders Danilo and Mauricio tied twice with headers. Even thought it was a two goal draw, being the way it was makes the result taste like victory. Sao Paulo, on the other hand, reached the same amount of points of Palmeiras. But Barueri played better throughout the match. The lonely goal by Jorge Wagner and the pale performance of the entire squad sends questions to whether Sao Paulo will overcome the club of its ex-coach.

Title still a dream for some, and a nightmare for others

Atletico-MG and Flamengo are still ver much alive for the title. Atletico visited Goias and played a game that ca be summarized as: easy/failure/no, we can make it/dramatic victory. The team jumped ahead with two goals, one by midfielder Ricardinho and one by forward Eder Luis. Before the first-half was over, the home team tied. Julio Cesar, one of the best right-backs of the league, got a powerful long range. Minutes later, Leandro Euzebio counted on the mistake of goalie Carini. In the second-half, Atletico was awarded a penalty, which was taken by Diego Tardelli (his 18th in the league). After that, Atletico held on to the victory that keeps the club 2 points away from the leader.

Flamengo received Santos in a packed Maracana with 80 thousand fans. With just 7 minutes, Adriano scored his 17th in the season, the only goal of the match. The man of the match, however, was goalie Bruno. He denied two penalties to midfielder Paulo Henrique, one of the names to fail with Brazil in the U20 World Cup. The next round will be thrilling as Atletico and Flamengo face each other at the Mineirao.

If Atletico and Flamengo are still alive, the dreams of Inter and Cruzeiro to lift the trophy seems to have reached an end. The two sides lost at home for the two sides from Rio fighting relegation.

With one minute into the match, Inter watched Juninho take a free-kick and open the score board. But the defender, who is the one of the most powerful shots in Brazil theses days (horrible defender though), wasn’t the name of the match. This title goes to goalie Jefferson. He saved Bota, even after forward Andre Lima was ejected. The referee also helped by ignoring a penalty that should’ve been awarded to Inter.

At Mineirao, things were even more dramatic. Cruzeiro started as a hurricane, with its right offensive side killing Fluminense. This is where Jonathan and Wellington Paulista started to score their goals. Before the first-half was over, Wellington Paulista had time to miss a penalty. In the second-half, however, Fluminense had an unthinkable comeback. Gum, the defender who always scores, started everything. But the name of the match was forward Fred. Playing against his ex-club, he scored twice and gave the victory to Flu. He did not celebrate in respect for the club he suports, but Flu fans could not care less: Flu no longer seats in the last position of the table and will struggle to avoid the second division.

The top of Brasileiro looks like this: Palmeiras 58, Sao Paulo 58, Atletico-MG 56, Flamengo 54, Internacional 52, Cruzeiro 51.

Relegation: Sport Suffers…

The round was terrible for Sport, as every rival in the bottom won. Sport played the Recife derby against Nautico. And Nautico always stayed ahead of the game, with goals by Bruno Mineiro, Carlinhos and Irenio. Sport scored through Vandinho and Wilson.

Santo Andre received Gremio, the side with poorest away campaign in the league. In the first-half, Nunes, again, scored for Santo Andre. Coach Paulo Autuori did all the necessary changes to have Gremio back on the track in the final half. He did not count on his own defender, Rafael Marques. With 2 minutes into the action, he scored an amazing own goal, heading like a true striker. Gremio was defeated one more time.

The two Curitiba sides keep taking turns to see who will be closer to the relegation zone. And Atletico-PR now is the one in this situation. The club lost 2-0 against Avai, goals by Rogelio and William. The latter scored the most beautiful goal of the weekend with a plastic bicycle-kick shot.

Coritiba beat Vitoria with an own goal of Leandro.

This is what the bottom looks like: Atletico-PR 40, Botafogo 38, Santo Andre 35, Nautico 35, Fluminense 33, Sport 30.