Spaniards, Shipping Costs, and Soccer…

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I know, I know…it’s called football. I’m with you all on that, but sometimes doesn’t a spot of alliteration just sound good despite it’s accuracy to the sport that we love? Ok, you’re right…that was inexcusable and I apologize.

You may have read my post last week about my buddy and I planning our trip to the World Cup in 2014. I don’t know about all of you, but I know that I really just cannot wait for the Cup to get here…and its still over three years away!

For me, the year following a Cup is always the hardest as a football fan, especially being from the United States. I hate wanting to watch my boys in the red, white, and blue go at it but having no opportunity to do so. I guess, I could watch some MLS, but come on…I need something a bit better than that.

But never fear US supporters…we’ve got a game on Saturday! That’s right! Our guys are going to be lacing up their boots to take on the #1 international team and the current World Cup champions…Spain. We haven’t had the honor or matching up with the Spaniards for two years now, so the time is long past due. In the last matchup, Spain walked away one goal late in the game for a 1-0 victory. This time, I’m really hoping we can pull out a victory, but hey who knows. Our guys are infamous for waiting until the end of a match to decide whether or not they really want to fight for it or not. Regardless of the outcome though, there’s a match, and that is what matters at this point for me.

Even better yet we have more international action coming up here at home with matches with Canada, Panama, and Guadeloupe in the next couple weeks. It’s going to be that slight taste of international action that we rarely get here, but I know it will be enough to keep me excited for the Cup.

It’s humorous really. I often find myself sitting around strategizing about all the parts of our trip hoping that somehow it is going to make the Cup come to us faster. This kind of thinking can almost only be understood by sports fans as passionate as I. I think that it’s taken to an even higher level with football as many of you See the Cup readers can understand. We become deathly supportive of our teams and eat, sleep, and breathe their victories.

Needless to say, this has not stopped me from continued planning for the trip. Just this week I began researching what the shipping cost for my luggage would be. I decided that I want to be guaranteed that my luggage will be there since I’ll be settling in for a month of various jaunts all around the country to catch the games. Additionally, I’ll be able to be in and out of the airport without having to hassle with baggage claim which will certainly be a bit more relaxing, not to mention less expensive.

Anyway, thats just kind of what has been happening as I plan the trip. Otherwise, I’m just working on the initial stages of a budget for the next couple years to help me save up all the funds that we are going to need to make the journey of a lifetime. I’m going to try to curb the need to watch some football until Saturday, but in the meantime…Go USA!!!