Soccer in the City of God, Part 2: Reflections on Rio De Janeiro


You know you love football. You love watching the players racing across the field with the smell of cut grass setting fire to your team spirit. You sit at the edge of your seat when the players get the ball down the field, avoiding the opposing team as one good whack against the ball with a head or foot sends the ball past the goalie.

Yes, this is the game of football, sometimes known as soccer to other people in the world. If you are a football/soccer fan, you know that the next World Cup in 2014 is being hosted in Brazil. If you are also a football/soccer fan, then you have already booked your trip to Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil. You’re looking forward to getting to your luxury hotel, sitting in front of the air conditioners with the cool air washing over your face as you stare out at the sights through your window. But there is more to enjoy in Rio de Janeiro than spending all your time in the air conditioned hotel room.

If there ever was a place to call a football/soccer city, you are now in it. The people in Rio de Janeiro host matches in their many stadiums including the world-renowned Maracana Stadium where the 2014 World Cup will take place. A national passion, football/soccer matches are held with the 20 teams competing to become the city’s best team.

Just imagine. You can be sitting in the same football/soccer stadiums where the great Pele, Brazil’s Football Player of the Century and national hero, had created his career.

When visiting Rio de Janeiro, take the opportunity to see the other sites and experience the attractions. Take the opportunity to enjoy the helicopter, train and boat tours in Brazil. One of the greatest attractions is on Corcovado Mountain. See the giant 125 foot Christ Statue to feel the religious experience of a lifetime.

Don’t forget to have a romantic experience with your female companion. Book a boat cruise to visit the many bays, beaches and archipelagos, including Guanabara Bay tour, along with eating lunch at prestigious seafood restaurants. Take a walk along the Copacabana Beach hand in hand as you watch the sunset.

If you are a history buff along with being a soccer fan, take a walking tour of Rio de Janeiro and the surrounding areas to visit the historical regions. Petropolis city has the Imperial Museum that was once the summer residence of Emperor Pedro II.

While in Brazil, enjoy the culture with authentic folklore music. Feel the Samba players set your veins on festive fire as you watch the dancers sway in their colorful costumes. You’ll be clapping your hands to the great nightlife that Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

Sports, music and South American attractions. Cheer on your favorite football/soccer teams as they go up against each other in the 2014 World Cup in a city that’s dedicated to their teams. And when the lights in the stadium dim, take in the attractions and romantic sights that line the city of Rio de Janeiro.

And make sure to always carry a pen and autograph book handy. Who knows who you will run into while touring the city? Perhaps you may even bump into Pele.

Jesse Stone is a great lover of a football, Brazilian cuisine, and while he loves his air conditioned hotel room, he likes to get out into the heat of those Rio De Janeiro nights.  He blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands.